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Meet The Pine Hill Ranch’s Horse of the Year: Chocolate Monster

The Pine Hill Ranch Equestrian Center strongly believes in what the certified Horsemanship Association stands for and promotes. It is why our instructors carry your certifications and our facility will be going through your site accreditation. Chocolate Monster will always be a winner and honored guest in our barn, but felt like his journey to and with us was worth sharing.

Think Outside of the Box: Mommy & Me

When you picture Mommy and me classes, you may think about singing along with your toddler on your hip and getting them to interact with other children. However, fun activities with your child do not have to end when kids start school. Think outside the box with parent and child horseback riding lessons!

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Benefits of Horseback Riding

Horseback riding comes with many mental and physical benefits. You can also apply the strength you develop from this activity to other areas of life. Discover why horseback riding has a reputation for having a positive impact on the lives of those who regularly engage… Read More »Benefits of Horseback Riding