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a world class experience

The Pine Hill Ranch began as a dream. A dream planted in a young boy’s heart, a twinkle in his little eyes. A mischievous twinkle in the form of a pinto pony named Dobber. On the back of Dobber, this little boy battled armies and conquered mountains. He fought Indians and slayed dragons…. and he fell in love. He fell in love with horses. So the dream began for Bobby Mullenax, a passion that would someday fuel his heart and inspire him to build The Pine Hill Ranch.

This dream would one day lead Bob to attend a horseshow in St Louis. A National Championship Horseshow where he fell in love once again, with American Saddlebreds.

Bob’s love for horses was rekindled and he was given his first horse, a five gaited American Saddlebred named Copper Heir. On the back of Copper, Bob once again slayed dragons and conquered his enemies. A few short years later Bob made the purchase of his first horse, also an American Saddlebred, a yearling mare named Red Hot Mamma, affectionately known as “Girlfriend”. (Learn more about Girlfriend by reading Who is “Girlfriend”?)

Girlfriend, shown by equestrian Carrie Kessler would go on to win six World Championship titles in the competitive Working Western Pleasure division of the American Saddlebred Association. No other horse has won as many Championships in one division with this association. In this class, Bob Mullenax, Carrie Kessler and Girlfriend set the standard for excellence….a standard that continues today at The Pine Hill Ranch.

Equestrian Center


banquet center layout drawings

Our Banquet Center comprises Phase III plans and build out. The banquet center will encompass approximately 6,000 square feet, with multiple seating possibilities for all of your entertaining needs.


the horse facility

The Pine Hill Ranch Show Barn, a 24 stall event center equipped with the best the horse industry has to offer. Horses and riders alike can expect the luxury and the world class experience that is The Pine Hill Ranch. On grounds Café, fine equestrian boutique, tack and saddlery shop are just a few things to expect at our new facility. The Pine Hill Ranch Show Barn will house World-Class Equine Experts that will train and compete on a national and world level.