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Creative & Educational Activities and Programs at The Pine Hill Ranch

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At The Pine Hill Ranch, our purpose is to maintain and develop the equine industry by inspiring the next generation of dedicated, knowledgeable horse lovers and owners. We do this through creative and educational activities that introduce children to horseback riding and teach them how to take care of horses in a welcoming, safe, expert-supervised environment. 

Learning to care for and ride horses can teach many important life lessons, including patience, perseverance, responsibility, and how to set and achieve goals. It’s also a fun and interactive way to get your physical activity for the day. Riding and caring for horses often forms a bond between child and horse that can be therapeutic, soothing, and enriching. Bonding with a horse creates a partnership with another living being that is unlike any other.   

Outdoor Activities for Kids Near Me in Little Rock

The Pine Hill Ranch is proud to provide the best horse camps in Arkansas as well as horseback riding lessons, trail rides, and equine parties. Our lessons and events are the perfect after-school activities for kids or homeschool extracurricular activities.

Tiny Tots Horse Camp 

If you have a child between the ages of three to six who loves horses, ponies, or unicorns, loves the outdoors, or just loves animals in general, we have the perfect summer camp for you. Our Tiny Tots Mini Horse Camp is a full day of trails, horse riding, lunch, and crafts. The kids will get to ride ponies and miniature horses that are the perfect size for them! So skip Googling “horse ranch near me,” and book your little cowgirl or cowboy a perfect summer memory now. 

PHR Horse Camp

If your child is a little older, between the ages of 6 to 12, they will absolutely love our horse camp! They can join for the day or for an entire week of horse-filled fun. They’ll learn about care and tacking up, learn how to ride in the arena, go for trail rides, and make crafts! They’ll learn about patience, respect, and how to be aware of and respect their own bodies as we learn to ride. It’s also a great chance to make friends with fellow equestrians and share their passion! 

Activities for Homeschoolers Near Me in Little Rock

Before you start Googling “homeschool activities near me,” we have to ask–have you considered riding lessons? At The Pine Hill Ranch, we offer lesson options for any level of equestrian. 

We are passionate about the art and skill of horsemanship. It doesn’t matter if you’re a long-time horse lover, a seasoned rider, a tiny tot ready to break in their first pair of boots, or even someone who has never seen a horse before– there is a place for you to learn and grow in a positive and productive way here at the ranch.

Our team of riding instructors have years of experience and are highly qualified to assist you with a wide range of classes and activities. Whether you’re interested in competitive riding or a day on the trails, we can help you achieve your equestrian goals.  

We have both private lessons and group lessons. All of our lessons are curriculum-based and guide you through levels of achievement during the program. Our group lessons are divided into three levels of experience, so you can be sure your fellow equestrians are on the same level as you. 

Before you start group lessons, we require that you take a prep course. This course was designed to prepare you for instructional riding lessons and involves four classes of basic horse handling. We make this a prerequisite for safety reasons. It also helps us evaluate your level of expertise so we know what group to start you out in.

Group lessons are a fantastic way for your homeschooled child to make friends with similar interests and bond with animals they would otherwise have no experience with. Riding horses builds self-confidence–there’s nothing quite like being able to control a 1,000-pound animal to make you stand a little taller! It also gets them outside and away from screens. You can’t check your phone on your horse if you want to stay in your saddle! And while the activity is relatively low-impact, you have to use all of your major muscle groups when you’re riding, so it’s the perfect outdoor exercise.  

Get Creative with a PHR Party!

We offer parties for all occasions: birthdays, graduations, bar and bat mitzvahs, confirmations, quinceañeras, a girls day out, an anniversary, or just for fun! Our themed packages are designed for up to ten participants and we’ll provide everything else. 

You’ll have access to a private covered area for two hours, an area for you and your guests to take photos, and we’ll provide themed decor (including plates and napkins), custom invitations, a themed craft, a scavenger hunt through the trails, and in-person time with the party ponies! You’ll also have an equestrian hostess to help you keep everything running smoothly. 

We have Cowboy/Cowgirl Parties, Princess Pony Parties, Happy Trails Riding Parties, and you can customize your own party! We offer horseback rides, brushing and grooming, special party horse treats, and custom horse activities based on your preferences. You’ll be learning while you have fun!

Creative and Educational Horseback Riding Activities

Whether you’re interested in trail riding, dressage, a once-in-a-lifetime-experience, or a life-long love affair with all things equestrian–we can help you achieve those dreams at The Pine Hill Ranch. 

All of our classes are curriculum-based and we are certified through the Certified Horsemanship Association. While you’re here, we’ll be teaching you more than how to ride a horse. We’re teaching you how to work as a team while taking responsibility for yourself. We’re teaching you how to unplug and get back to nature. We’re teaching you how to build trust and earn it in return.  

The Pine Hill Ranch is open for private lessons, group lessons, parties, field trips for private and public schools, and competition training and events. We also have 250 acres of trails, both developed and undeveloped for all levels of trail riders. 

If you have any questions about The Pine Hill Ranch, or if you would like to know more about horseback riding lessons and the other outdoor activities we offer, contact us


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