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Our Team

Bob Mullenax - Owner

Bob Mullenax


Bob Mullenax is the founder and owner of The Pine Hill Ranch. LLC. Bob fell in love with horses as a six-year-old little boy on the back of a Shetland pony named Dobber. As an adult, his fondness for horses was rekindled, and he purchased a young American Saddlebred named Red Hot Mamma. Red Hot Mamma, aka “Girlfriend,” would go on to become a show horse and earn Bob Six world championship titles. As a result, Bob’s fondness for horses became a passion for excellence.

As an entrepreneur, Bob is familiar with both failure and success. He has had his share of both. Today, Bob owns several companies that provide health-related services to nursing home residents. He attributes his success to God’s blessings in his life.

Bob’s passion for excellence has become the standard for everything at the Pine Hill Ranch.


Lindsey- Director


Equine Manager of Pine Hill Ranch

Nearly 20 years of equestrian experience originating in Pinehurst, North Carolina, ranging from jumping and equitation, polocrosse, barrel racing, and trails. Lindsey would say her favorite event would be jumping but does not object to any specific discipline. She has always been interested in veterinary medicine. She has worked closely with veterinarians over the years to gain extensive experience and knowledge, being able to provide the best care possible for the animals under her watch. Gaining her bachelor’s in business administration in 2021 after taking a few years off from school to get married and start a life with her husband, moving from state to state due to the military, she is excited to use the business side of her brain to run The Pine Hill Ranch. Outside work, she spends time with her three horses and mini donkeys. When she actually has a spare hour in her day, she enjoys lounging with her husband, three dogs, and three barn cats.


Office Administrator at Pine Hill Ranch

Born and raised in rural Eastern North Carolina, McKayla has always had a passion for animals. She set her sights on going back to school soon to become a Vet Tech and wants to specialize in livestock and equine. In her spare time, she enjoys various hobbies, including crafting, riding motorcycles, finding and exploring museums and aquariums, and most of all, just spending time with her husband, German Sheppard, Sheppard Lab, and Doxie Spaniel. She lives by the motto, “Home is where the heart is.” And Arkansas is quickly becoming home after her recent move here in May of 2023. However, she swears that no body of water will ever replace the beaches of North Carolina!

McKayla - Office Administrator
Brianna-Barn Hand/Instructor


Barn Hand/Instructor at Pine Hill Ranch

Raised up around horses, Brianna has been an equine lover since day one. Her favorite part of her free time is barrel racing with her gelding, Dude, and mare Star. With four years of training and giving horseback riding lessons ranging from teaching the proper way to care for the horses, brushing, riding properly, and teaching barrel racing, she is able to provide an extended amount of knowledge to her students. She enjoys training, tuning horses, and hanging out with her boyfriend in her spare time. Brianna plans to go to college for equine chiropractic and massage therapy and possibly get into hippo therapy to continue her lesson-teaching skills. She says working here at The Pine Hill Ranch has taught her so much so far, and she enjoys seeing everyone’s smiling faces every day and is so excited to continue her work here!

Our team would not be complete without mention of our amazing herd of horses. Although each one is different in color, shape, and size, they all have a truly gentle spirit and a desire to connect with us as we grow together as equestrians. Give us a call today and let’s talk about all the possibilities for you here at Pine Hill Ranch.