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Equestrian Services Available at The Pine Hill Ranch

The Pine Hill Ranch Equestrian Center will be taking every step possible to ensure the safety of our staff, clients, and community. 

We are excited about being able to continue providing services to our community at a time when everyone must take precautions and work together separately. The Pine Hill Ranch Equestrian Center is a place of peace and relaxation, a place to take part in a world-class equestrian experience. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to continue as planned with our much-anticipated spring schedule. We do, however, hope to remain a place of equestrian excellence while taking measures that will ultimately result in a stronger, kinder community. 

Our schedule will be streamlined to reduce high volumes of traffic at any time. Lessons will only be available in private sessions, and time between lessons will be allotted to disinfect equipment and prepare for the next student. We also ask that you please call to postpone or cancel any experiences if you or a family member are showing any signs of illness. 

The Equestrian Center is taking every effort to comply with industry standards, federal guidance, and state recommendations for businesses remaining open while many doors are closed. We will remain up-to-date with and respectful of any guidelines put forth by local and national health organizations.

With these guidelines in mind, our world-class experiences are currently limited to small group trail rides, private lessons, and family horse-care classes. 

Trail Rides

Trail Rides


The Pine Hill Ranch is a place to grow and learn in a positive and productive way. Our team of instructors will assist you in small-group trail rides. 

We provide space for families to grow and enjoy their love of horses. Our beautiful trail rides are a great opportunity to get outdoors. 

Private Horseback Riding Lessons

Private Horseback Riding Lessons

Get introduced to the experience of horseback riding or improve your riding skills with one of our private lessons. The Pine Hill Ranch offers private lessons for every skill level.

We provide a hands-on learning experience proven to enhance patience, discipline, empathy, and compassion. Confidence and leadership skills can also be improved as you learn to take charge while leading a horse.

Private consultations and evaluations will be available to help you begin the program. One of our private instructors will introduce you to our horses, review the equipment, and prepare you for a world-class experience. 

Horse Care

Horse Care

Learning to care for a horse is an incredible experience; you and your family can focus on friendship and making a connection. You’ll become acquainted with the heart of our barn: our horses. The Pine Hill Ranch’s instructors, teammates, and horses work together to create a world-class experience especially for you. 

While you are at The Pine Hill Ranch, you can learn how to listen to a horse’s body language and form a genuine bond. We will help you build a relationship through communication and useful exercises. Our main focuses will include safety, nurturing, and overall horse awareness and appreciation. This experience is great for children, who thrive and grow when they are exposed to hands-on horse care and time in the saddle. 

To Learn More

We look forward to being part of your experience as you build a relationship with one of our extraordinary horses! Call us today at (501) 366-8436 to find out what a personal, private time slot for your family will look like.


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