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Riding Lessons

The Pine Hill Ranch offers many lesson options for any level of equestrian. We have a passion for the skill and art of horsemanship. First time beginner, a long time horse lover, a seasoned rider, even a tiny tot ready to break in their boots. There will be a place for you to grow and learn in a positive and productive way here at the ranch.

Our team of instructors are ready to assist you in a wide range of classes and activities. Whether you’re dreaming of a day out on the trails or have a passion to further your equestrian competitive career, check out all that The Pine Hill Ranch has to offer and let us help you accomplish your goals.


Our Tiny Tots program is a great introduction to the world of horses in a safe and fun way for riders ages 3-6.

Sessions are 30 minutes for each rider.

Lessons are one on one, with a teaching instructor.

$87.50 per lesson

Call for appointment 501-366-8436

Our Private Lessons are for riders aged over six years and tailored to the individual. This class is a combination of hands-on horse care and one on one teaching instruction to maximize the horse and riders time in the arena.

Single one-hour lesson – $125.00

By appointment only.


The purpose of this evaluation is to determine the skill level of a perspective client. This evaluation includes a riding consultation and a tour of the facility.

Evaluation – $60.00

By Appointment Only.

Each class has a max of 4 students.

$100.00 per hour

A class designed for that first time rider. With a strong focus on horse care and safety, this class is a beginner’s approach to building solid horsemanship. As you begin your journey into the world of horses this class will build your confidence and equip you with the fundamentals every equestrian needs.

Placement into groups is determined from the riding evaluation.

This level is for those riders ready to take that next step. Students will advance their equine skill and start working horses at a walk, trot, and canter. As your abilities strengthen this class will start to prepare you for a successful experience in and out of the arena.

Placement into groups is determined from the riding evaluation.

Reserved for those riders ready to start their competitive career. This class focuses on developing those talents to prepare horses and riders for excellence in and out of the show pen. Riding at this level will deepen your equine knowledge and provide an opportunity to understand your horse in a more detailed way.

Placement into groups is determined from the riding evaluation.  

  • $700/month 2 lessons a week/group lesson
  • $400/month 1 lesson a week/group lesson
  • $250/month 2 lessons a month/group lesson
  • Some lessons in the membership may be private lessons depending on availability, but all are subject to being a group lesson
  • Tiny Tots Private Lesson – $350.00 per month.

We provide a space for families to grow and enjoy the love of horses. Memberships at The Pine Hill Ranch, provide special opportunities to do just that. Members receive discounts on special events, free member activities, and all the “extras” that make The Pine Hill Ranch special.