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Things to Know About Horseback Riding in Little Rock

Whether you’re an experienced rider, a novice, or a parent looking for horse riding lessons for your little one, you can find the best riding experience at The Pine Hill Ranch in Little Rock. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of horseback riding in Little Rock and why The Pine Hill Ranch is perfect for your next adventure!

Horseback riding in history

Prior to horseback riding, horses roamed the world. Once prehistoric people began to tame horses, the horse became essential to transportation and communication. In fact, archeologists have found evidence of dental wear from wearing a bit as far back as 4500 BCE! Although today horses don’t provide the transportation that they used to, they’re still loved for the recreational joy that they bring.

benefits of horseback riding

There are many reasons why those who try horseback riding even once soon find themselves in love with it. Modern horseback riding has many benefits, both physical and emotional, and it can easily become a hobby that you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life. Here’s why!

1. It’s great exercise.

Riding a horse is a great way to make exercise more fun. As being active releases “happy hormones,” such as dopamine, horseback riding can boost your mood while lowering stress and anxiety.

It can also help you get a workout. The British Horse Society (BHS) has long said that riding is an effective way to exercise. In fact, trotting uses more energy than playing badminton! Even better, exercise doesn’t just happen when you’re in the saddle. Other horse-related activities include stable care or cleaning (also called mucking) horse stalls, which can be a challenge depending on how much there is to clean.

2. It’s great for your mental health.

Although the physical activities in horseback riding can give you an emotional lift, research has shown that it’s also beneficial just being around animals. In fact, equine therapy is even used as a therapeutic process to help with emotional awareness, empathy, and building trust.

Spending time with animals is known to help depression or loneliness. When you ride, you create a connection with your horse. This connection helps you to become a team and become aware of each other’s needs. Time spent riding may help anxiety, because it can be calming and a way to clear your mind.

3. You can enjoy the outdoors!

Horseback riding is a great way to enjoy the beauty of Arkansas’ natural landscape. Research has shown that time spent in nature boosts your immune system, improves your sleep, and raises your self-esteem.

Even better, being outside is a great way to increase your intake of vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D helps keep your bones and teeth strong while also supporting the health of your brain. With so much natural wonder to explore in Little Rock, there’s no better place to enjoy the landscape!

4. You can learn a new skill.

Horseback riding gives you the chance to learn a new skill, or find a solution. As you develop as a rider, you’ll experience pride, satisfaction, and joy at your new achievements. This progress will build your confidence, and grow your feelings of self-worth.

The story of The Pine Hill Ranch

The Pine Hill Ranch started with Bob Mullenax’s passion for horses and his drive for excellence. Bob’s vision inspired him to build the ranch that you can enjoy today with more phases of development still to look forward to.

Surrounded by 250 acres of beautiful woodland and trails, the ranch itself already features an open-air covered riding arena and an outside arena. The lodge also has a viewing lounge that’s perfect for friends and family to watch lessons or events. There are also many trail rides available for those who would prefer to get out into open space. This trail system includes developed trails that are wider as well as undeveloped options for thrill-seekers.

The five-phase approach to development at The Pine Hill Ranch has now seen the completion of phase 2. The lodge, meeting spaces, and Equestrian Center are already up and running. Clients can now look forward to the completion of the Canine Center and the Show Barn.

From tiny tots to experienced riders, the Ranch caters to a full range of abilities. Whether you want to prepare for a competition or ride for the first time, you’ll soon find that this is the place for you.

Riding lessons

Tiny Tots classes are a great introduction to horses for those aged three to six. A safe and fun lesson in a group setting is the perfect start for children ready to take the first steps of their equestrian journey.

You can also get private and group lessons tailored to the ability of the rider. Lessons are available for children and adults alike.

Trail rides

Trail rides are the perfect way to escape from everyday life into our 250 acres of trail space. This is your opportunity to enjoy time and space. Saddle up and begin making memories!

Horse camps

Our horse camps for tots and children include horseback riding, trail riding, and all things fun and horsey. Book your spot now!


Our parties are also a popular way to combine your celebration with a love of ponies. Book your next party with us to get the kids outside with horses and to spark your kids’ creativity and imagination!

Ready to ride?

The Pine Hill Ranch is the perfect place to make memories, experience the great outdoors, and find out what makes horseback riding great. If you’re ready to saddle up, or fill out this form to get started!


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