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Riding for Beginners

Have you considered taking horseback riding lessons for beginners? Did you know this improves your flexibility, coordination, and posture? It also tones your abdominal muscles, lowers stress levels, and increases confidence.

Individuals of all abilities can participate. In fact, horseback riding plays an important role in physical and emotional therapy. Plus, there is no age limit for experiencing the fun of horseback riding.

Horseback Riding Lessons for Beginners

Like all activities, new horseback riding students will start with the basics. The instructor will begin by describing each skill or subject in a step-by-step manner.

Next, you’ll watch a demonstration of the proper technique.

Students are then given time to practice the activity. The instructors will watch and provide feedback to improve your technique. You will continue practicing to increase your comfort and skill mastery.

The following provides an example of the progression of new riders’ lessons.

Horse Tack

Tack is the proper term for the equipment worn by the horse. This includes saddles, harnesses, and bits. It’s vital to correctly place and remove the tack to ensure horse and rider comfort and safety.

Lead-Rope Training

You will begin “ground training” by learning how to use a lead-rope. This teaches you to control the horse’s movement and communicate with him.

Starting and Stopping the Horse

While working with the lead-rope, you’ll learn to “tell” the horse to start and stop walking. This involves the use of physical and verbal commands.

Mounting the Horse

Now it’s time to get on the horse. This can be challenging at first but you’ll see improvement as you build muscle strength.


Next, you get to ride. At first, you’ll practice walking the horse around an enclosed arena. You’ll learn how to direct the horse to move in different directions.


The trotting pace is a little faster than a walk. The horse alternates lifting its opposite front and back legs to trot. This is often an exciting advancement for new riders.


Posting describes the ability to move from a seated to a standing position on the horse. As the horse begins trotting it moves up and down.

The rider presses down into the stirrups while keeping their ankles relaxed. Posting lets riders follow the horse’s natural movement.

Grooming and Cleaning

It’s also important to learn about proper cleaning and grooming care. The instructor will show you different types of brushes and explain their use. Then you’ll practice brushing and combing different parts of the horse’s body.

The training teaches you how to brush the tail and main. You’ll also learn how to pick the horse’s hooves.

Horse Shows

Participating in horse shows allows you to compete in a safe environment. This helps you increase your riding skills and, for many, their enjoyment.


These events judge the rider’s skill level instead of the horse’s. They look at riding form and ability as you guide the horse over obstacles.

Are You Reading to Start Riding?

The Pine Hill Ranch offers horseback riding lessons for beginners to seasoned riders. Our passion is teaching the art and skill of horsemanship. Even if you just learned to walk and have your first set of boots, we’re excited for you to join.

Our mission is to meet your individual equestrian goals. Click here now to find the lessons you want and sign up.


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