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Healing Hooves Therapy

About Healing Hooves

Healing Hooves is a weekly therapy program for children and adults with physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral disabilities. CTRI PATH Certified Instructors lead our programs with the assistance of therapy horses and a team of dedicated volunteers each week.

girl with down syndrome ridding horse

Equine Therapy

The Healing Hooves riding program consists of weekly private or small group lessons where riders are assisted by a CTRI PATH Certified Instructor and the horses.

  • Riding is a form of physical therapy that can lead to improved muscle strength, motor skills, flexibility, coordination, balance, posture, and other physical abilities.
  • Riding can increase cognitive abilities, including speech, communication, attention, focus, memory, sequencing, following instructions, and managing tasks.
  • Riding is a sport that offers freedom to those unable to walk, run, or move without assistance.
  • Riding promotes positive emotional well-being, including confidence, independence, teamwork, and the unconditional acceptance and companionship of a horse!

All Healing Hooves lessons are led by CTRI PATH Certified Riding Instructors and are supported by a team of trained volunteers. The instructors work with families to assess each rider’s needs, set short and long-term goals, and work toward personal milestones that benefit the rider both in and outside the arena. The horse provides a dynamic base of support, making it an excellent tool for increasing core balance and control, which builds overall postural strength and endurance, addressing weight-bearing and motor planning. The equine movement offers sensory input to the vestibular, proprioceptive, tactile, and visual systems.

New riders are scheduled as appropriate lesson spots become available. Current
riders are given priority when scheduling. If we are unable to schedule your rider, they will be put on a waiting list and notified when an opening becomes available.

For more information on the program, please contact our Director at 501-366-2436