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Spur Yourself Into Greatness

Humans have enjoyed horseback riding for thousands of years. At Pine Hill Ranch, you get to be part of this tradition, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Here’s why you should become a member, what your membership
includes, and how you can sign up today!

Why become a member of Pine Hill Ranch

  • Develop core strength as you balance to perfect your riding posture.
  • Improve coordination as you direct the horse over and around obstacles. 
  • Build trust between yourself and your horse as you learn to work together. 
  • Compete with others to collectively improve your equestrian skills. 
  • Make new friends with fellow horseback riders (and your horse, of course!)

What your membership includes

We offer one-off private lessons in horseback riding for groups and individuals. It’s by becoming a full-fledged member of Pine Hill Ranch, however, that you’ll enjoy the greatest benefits. Here’s what your membership includes:

  • Weekly lessons tailored to your specific learning curve and requirements 
  • Discounted pricing on everything that our Equestrian Center offers
  • Special members-only events to get to know your fellow equestrians 

*Memberships are paid on a rolling monthly basis and range from $200 and up.

What current members say

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Ready to ride?

There’s never been a better time to start horseback riding. Not only will you get some fresh air, but you’ll also get in the best shape of your life, meet like-minded people, and create an unbreakable bond with your horse. Sign up here to get started today!